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The Warden of the Cross Kirk and the Warden of Neidpath were introduced into the festival proceedings in 1930 and 1929 respectivley.

The original idea for the Warden of Neidpath was conceived in the 1920s and eventualy confirmed in 1929. The honour first went to Dr. Clement Bryce Gunn the founder of the idea. The Warden of Neidpath ceremony takes place on the Wednesday night of Beltane Week. The Warden delivers an address to the newly installed Cornet and then delivers a speech to the gathered crowds.

Dr. Gunn was also was the driver behind the Warden of the Cross Kirk and in 1930 he was also given this honour with the Cross Kirk ceremony being introduced to announce the beginning of the Beltane Festival week. Dr. Gunn was the first warden and continued until 1933 when his untimely death meant the honour was then shared between the Christian demoninations of the Parish. To this day the honour is still taken up the the religious denominations with great pride.

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