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The Children’s Sports held at Hay Lodge Park is the event for Tuesday. Originally introduced in 1931 to cater for the younger athletes, as the Saturday Sports catered for mainly adults. Races are held for the children in primary groups. Races are also held for the little pre-school children as well as older children, and not forgetting mums and dads. The evening normally starts from around 6.45pm and to keep everyone amused there are amusements and other entertainment to occupy when not racing. The races are now held at Whitestone Park whilst Haylodge park is being refurbished.

As a reward the winners receive a small cash prize and ALL runners receive ice cream kindly served by the Cornet Elect’s Lass and her Supporters.The evening is rounded off with a ‘cash scramble’ with donations kindly funded by local organisations.

Once it’s time to go, the Beltane Queen is escorted home by the Cornet-Elect, his Lass and their Supporters to the tunes of either Peebles Pipe Band or Peebles Silver Band.

All of this, of course, is weather permitting! In the event of bad weather the Sports are normally cancelled, which has happened on many a previous occasion. Notification is usually performed through the use of a tannoy vehicle, local radio and social media.

Pre-School girls line up for their race. With a few last minute tips from mum.

School boys line up for their race. Encouraged by parents.

The wheelchair race crosses the finish line.

A lucky winner is escorted by Cornet 2004 Stuart Millar to collect their Prize

The cornets handicap was won by Ex-Cornet Allan MacKenzie (2003) even though Ex-Chairman and Ex-Cornet Allan Beveridge had a 50 metre start on a 70 metre race.

The Dads race, maybe the kids could teach them a thing or two!!

Every runner received an ice-cream served with a huge smile!

Finally the Cornet Elect and Lass take the Queen Home accompanied by the Peebles Silver Band

The above photographs are kindly supplied by Ecosse-Pix. See more on their website -

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