Keep up to date with the Beltane News! (updated 14/06/15)


The Monday evening is a small break in the week for the adults. But the Childrens Disco held in the Drill hall for the Primary school children deliver enough energy for all the people of Peebles.
Children arrive at 7.00pm and for the next 2 hours , dance, run around and thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Once its time to go, the Beltane Queen is escorted home by the Cornet Elects Lass and her supporters to the tunes of Peebles Pipe Band.

This year there has been a change to accomodate the growing number of children at the Peebles Primary Schools. The format of the disco has now been split into two:-

6.00pm - 7.15pm Primary 3,4,5

7.30pm - 9.00pm Primary 6,7

Please note: It is requested that all parents collect their children promptly from the Primary 3,4,5 dance to minimize the congestion.

Primary 3, 4 and 5 get into the party mood!

Primary 6 and 7 ’Give a show of hands and SCREAM!!’

Led of course by Peebles Pipe Band

Arrival safe and sound...Three cheers for the Beltane Queen... Hip Hip!

After all the fun the Beltane Queen is escorted home.

All the loyal followers are rewarded with sweets, delivered by the Queen Mother.

The above photographs are kindly supplied by Ecosse-Pix. See more on their website -

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