Keep up to date with the Beltane News! (updated 14/06/15)


The proceedings get underway at 7.00 pm with the judging of the Fancy Dress Contest. The Fancy Dress is where the public get the chance to let their hair down and dress up in funny and outrageous costumes.  Accompanied by decorated vehicles, the Cornet will lead the Fancy Dress Parade of the wonderful and enthusiastic fancy dress entrants, plus Bands, along High Street and other streets in the town lined with the public, cheering them on.  The Parade starts at 7.30 pm.

When the Parade is in other parts of the town, the public on the High Street are entertained by the Rugby Club on a stage outside the Tontine Hotel, and by the Y.M. Dancers on High Street. The Rugby Club performs some outrageous routines on topical subjects of the day and of yester year.  The Y.M. Dancers provide a dance routine that would make Legs & Co. scream with envy!

All the fun of the fancy dress cheered on by the crowds.

The Y.M. Dancers take a break for a picture pose accompanied by a female following.

Parade Route

Tweed  Green, Tweed Brae, Eastgate, High Street, Cuddy Bridge, Old Town, Young Street, Rosetta Road, March Street (Parade Splits) Pedestrians into Northgate, Vehicles via Edinburgh Road and Dean Park, All meet up again in Northgate, High Street, Port Brae and on to Tweed Green to disperse.

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