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The Peebles Beltane Festival Cornet


The first Cornet was W.H. Williamson, the town treasurer, He rode the Marches seated on a brake and was accompanied by two mounted supporters. The position of the cornet was to ride the Burgh boundaries as history outlines and ensure the safety of the Royal and Ancient boundary enhabitants. The local committee at the time made an appeal to the local horsemen to support the Cornet and make a ‘Grand Display’. The photographic evidence of the time shows they did just that.

The Cornet is selected by the Committee from public submissions in the weeks leading up to the Beltane and usually selected around 8 weeks prior to Beltane Week.

The Johnstone family were the first to have a father and son as Cornet, a situation repeated in 2004. The honour of being the only two brother to be Cornet falls to Scott and Gary Anderson, in 1992 and 1994 respectively.

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