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Crowning Ceremony There are still a limited number of seats available for the Crowning Ceremony. Obvious preference will be given to the elderly or those who would have difficulty standing for that length of time.  Space will be made available for wheelchair users.  Applications for tickets should be sent to Joint secretary, David Turnbull, 48 Cademuir Drive, Peebles EH45 9AG. A stamped addressed envelope would be appreciated. It would be helpful if wheelchair users could notify the secretary of their intention to attend in order that the appropriate arrangements can be made

Y M Dancers. For some weeks now the young and not so young men of the Y M dancers have been practicing and perfecting their routine in preparation for performing at Beltane.  These men give up their Sunday afternoons for several weeks in the run up to Beltane in order to entertain the public on Beltane Friday and Saturday. All money collected by the

Y M dancers goes to the Beltane Committee funds.


Peebles Beltane Festival Committee is committed to making the festival as enjoyable and safe as is possible, however in the real world accidents are possible. The committee is urging participants to have adequate personal injury and legal liability insurance to cover them in the event of an accident.

All Participating riders should wear the appropriate clothing and headgear and is it advised they should possess adequate insurance.

The insurance obtained for the festival is employers and public liability insurance for the committee and helpers. Riders and other participants should make sure they have personal injury and third party liability cover.

Childrenís Disco   It should be noted that the Childrens Disco on Beltane Monday evening is split into two parts, the earlier for the younger children and the later part of the evening for the older children.  The primary 3 to 5 children should attend the disco at the community centre Walkershaugh between 6pm and 7.15pm and primary 6 to 7 children should attend between 7.30pm and 9pm.   Entrance to the disco is free and each child will receive free juice and crisps.  

Beltane committee members and assistants will be on duty to assist and run the event. Parents should however note that the committee is responsible for the event and can not stop children leaving the disco as and when they want, bearing in mind that some parents are happy for children to leave and walk home and some obviously are not. It is the parents responsibility to instruct their children to either remain in the hall or follow other instructions.  If parents feel their children will not follow their instructions then the committee are happy for parents to remain in the vicinity of the hall. The committee are very well aware of the high spirits and excitement generated at such an event, after all thatís part of Beltane. They will not however tolerate bullying or vandalism so parents are urged to instruct children on the behaviour expected of them.

Parking on parade routes

The Beltane committee in conjunction with the local police appeal to all motorists and householders who park their vehicles on the parade routes especially on Wednesday evening and Saturday morning not to leave their vehicles in a position where they may block the parade routes. Rosetta Road at its junction with Kirkland Street and Kirkland Street at its junction with Connor Street have been particular problems in the last few years.  It should be noted that the parade involves large vehicles that normally do not use these streets therefore more room than normal is required.

Previous experience has shown that locals move their vehicles but the space is then taken by visitors who do not appreciate the situation and the committee ask that if any householders see the situation developing then it would be appreciated if this could be pointed out to the unsuspecting motorists. Temporary traffic regulation orders giving due authority for streets to be closed and parking restriction applied where they would otherwise not be have been obtained. (no yellow lines). It should be stressed that this gives the authorities the right to remove vehicles  which are indiscriminately parked or impeding parade routes and thereafter charge the owners for the costs involved.  The committee hope these measures will not be required.

Beltane Concert. Members of the public are advised to come early to the concert to secure a seat. Admittance is at the door as there are no advanced ticket sales. Admittance prices are £2.50p for adults and £1.50p for children. All acts are now booked and we are set for another enjoyable and entertaining concert.

Decorated shops and Houses Competitions.  The committee is hopeful that as many as possible will join the decorated shops and houses competitions.  These are separate competitions which greatly enhance the town during Beltane. Persons wishing to enter must notify the judge Mr G. Mackison, J Mackison and Son. 44 Edderston Road, Peebles in writing by 12noon on Beltane Tuesday and have their respective shops or houses ready for judging by 12 noon on Beltane Wednesday.

The entrant list will be displayed in the Tourist Information Centre window and on Facebook and Twitter.

Beltane Pub Quiz Run by Peebles Cornets Lasses Association  will be held on Beltane Tuesday 19 June within Peebles rugby club rooms at 8pm.
Teams of 4 can enter at- £10 per team. Winners shield and cash prizes.
Come along and join the fun
Enter you team at Castle Warehouse or Graham McGrath.  It would be appreciated if team names could be given at the time of entry to make administration easier on the night.

Overseas Guests Each year Peebles folk return from all over the world at Beltane and where possible the Beltane committee includes them on the overseas guest list. If any person has knowledge of such visitors returning and not previously notified, could their details be passed to joint secretary, Allan Beveridge, 13 Witchwood Crescent, Peebles EH45 9AH.    It would be helpful to include notes of the family background and where the person is staying during their time in Peebles. 


Car Parking

For the parade route on Beltane Saturday morning the Council have kindly agreed to allow parking in the parking spaces at the County Building. St Josephs Church has kindly allowed the use of their car park for the duration of the parade, but request that all vehicles are removed by 4pm on Beltane Saturday. The Beltane Committee would appreciate your cooperation in supporting this request.

Also please purchase this weeks Peebleshire News where on page 17 all the local traffic arrangements, issued by the Peebles Police can be observed. Please help the Police and the Beltane Committee keep everyone happy and help assist with the traffic arrangements so we can all have an enjoyable Beltane Week.

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